Smash Bros Brawl finally confirmed to be online

The news EVERYONE has been waiting for has finally been revealed today. Smash Bros Brawl will have online multiplayer. There will be two online modes which are With Friends and With Anyone. With the With Friends mode, you can play with the people you’ve registered to be your friend. In this mode, you can check each other’s stats, see if your friend is online and change your icons up. You can also send your friends quick messages using the D-pad as taunts during battles. You just have to create the message before the battle though. 

Now here is where Nintendo shows how stupid they still are with their online stance. In With Anyone mode, you can battle with anyone in the world. But you won’t be able to see their name, any stats, can’t send taunt messages and the most ridiculous part of all this, your battle records will not be recorded at all. 

I shouldn’t really complain though, the anonymity of With Anyone mode really pales in comparison to how epic this news is. So who else is as giddy as a little school girl now?   

Hamza Aziz