Smash Bros. boss Sakurai has a killer gaming setup

Sakurai gaming setup

That horizontal Switch dock setup has everyone asking questions

Masahiro Sakurai isn’t doing Smash Ultimate DLC streams at the moment or working on another entry (that we know of), but he’s still taking to Twitter constantly to talk about the hobby. His latest set of tweets involves his updated Sakurai gaming setup, which has decidedly gone vertical.

In a series of photos, he shows off his made-to-order shelves, which house numerous gaming consoles. Visibly, we can see an Xbox Series X, PS5, Switch, PS4, PS3, Wii U (!), Famicom (NES), Genesis, and SNES. The top plate and back are removed to push out heat, and he leaves the door open when playing. Adorably, he has a few controllers labeled with tiny little stickers, like “Xbox X” or “2” (presumably for player two). Those same labels adorn the power cables that plug into the wall (and the power supplies can be turned off individually).

An updated look at the Masahiro Sakurai gaming setup:

The most curious element is easily the horizontally-docked Switch. He even had to post a response tweet because of it! Here’s what he said: “There was a reaction to the Switch dock horizontal placement…it’s not recommended by the manufacturer, so do it at your own risk. This is just my personal experience, but I had no problems using it until I cleared Xenoblade Chronicles 3.” Well, if Sakurai says it’s okay! To be frank I never even really considered it, but it looks awesome on certain shelves.

If you’re curious, PushDustIn chronicled Sakurai’s previous setup in 2019 here. You can compare and contrast!

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