Small Arms: the little clone that could

Many Xbox 360 owners have praised Xbox Live Arcade. It’s given us titles like Geometry Wars, Cloning Clyde, and even the beloved Street Fighter II. But that’s about all it’s given us. Sure we’ve gotten the opportunity to replay past legends and arcade classics, but where are the original games hiding? That’s where Small Arms comes in. Gastronaut has stumbled upon a formula for multiplayer game success. Copy another popular fighting game series, but make it more violent and include many guns. The game features 12 different characters, but more of these critters might be released on the Xbox Live marketplace. Each fighter starts with an initial weapon, and then the player can proceed to pick up new weapons during the match. There are also going to be interactive elements in the game. Is this starting to sound like a certain game that involves super smashing brothers or what? According to Gastronaut, this is more gritty and loads more tactical. They think their game is more along the lines of Metal Slug. Whether Small Arms ends up being a clone or not, it’s sure to be a hit with it’s 4-player Xbox Live multiplayer madness.

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