Smack a naked mole rat in the face in Slasher’s Keep

Cel-shaded dungeon crawling

This isn’t what I would have expected to see from the developer of Double Hitler, but consider me pleasantly surprised. Slasher’s Keep is a first-person dungeon-crawler up on Steam Greenlight for user feedback and voting. I’m tentatively interested. Some of you will be too.

The art style, described by designer Damian Schloter as a mix of “cel-shaded models, hand-drawn sprites, and even some procedural animation,” stood out to me most. But I also like that combat occurs in real time and is detailed enough to allow different types of swings and thrusts, as well as parrying. Parrying is good, except when you’re bad at it. Then it’s the worst.

Randomized levels, item crafting, and permadeath are also confirmed, though the latter is optional.

Be sure to watch the alpha trailer for Slasher’s Keep in high definition. It’s real muddy, otherwise.

“The game is still in development and lacks some content,” says Schloter, “but the video is pretty much what it’ll look like.” Repetitious content was my main concern, so, good to know.

Slasher’s Keep [Steam Greenlight]

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