Slime-san sold best on Switch so lets celebrate with free DLC and a sale

Blackbird’s Kraken adds 30% more content, game is now 30% off

[Update: Reader MikeShadows pointed out that the original story was potentially misleading. Sorry about that! To clarify, the Blackbird’s Kraken campaign for Slime-san is available on Steam for a price as a stand-alone game or as free add-on if you by the full Slime-san package.] 

Looks like we can add another one to the ever growing list of Rags-to-Switches indie success stories. The Switch version of Slime-san, a wacky 5-color platformer, featuring cameos from Slugcat and many other lovable gaming underdogs, has “…absolutely sold better than the Steam version” according to developer Fabraz. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer game either. Filled with memorable NPCs, cute jokes, great music, bonus arcade games and hidden treats, Slime-san is clearly a labor of love. It does my heart good to see it succeed. 

In unrelated news, the game just got a huge free update on Switch called Blackbird’s Kraken. This content has been available for the Steam version of the game for a little while, but at a price. On Switch, it’s an auto-update that allows you to access the new stuff from the level select menu. There’s new levels, gameplay mechanics, a beach house to decorate, a FPS and a kart racing game to play, new NPCs to meet, and a new monster to be swallowed up by. I’ve only scratched the surface of the DLC myself, but so far I like it even more than the base game. 

Even better, the whole package is 30% off for a limited time, so if you were thinking about giving this one a shot, what better time than now

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