Slime Rancher now has bots to help automate your day

Automatic Update live on PC, coming soon to Xbox One

Some people become obsessed with automating processes or otherwise improving their efficiency in video games, and I can completely sympathize. Today’s Automatic Update for Slime Rancher caters to that exact mindset by adding programmable drones to pitch in around your bustling ranch.

You’ll be able to control the drones by customizing three inputs: their target, source, and destination. So long as you remember to water their hydro-powered stations, the little bots can perform routine tasks. You could send them to transport food or store excess crops, for instance. It’s up to you.

Along with these smiley new robotic farmhands, today’s PC update also includes:

New Translations:

  • Added Japanese translation! Konnichiwa, new friends!
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation! Oi, tudo bem?

Other Changes:

  • Optimized the experience when you return to an area of the world you haven’t visited in awhile. Feels more like “Welcome back!” and less like “Why did you leave?!”
  • Using a PS4 controller on PC now shows PS4 button prompts, nifty!
  • Made some adjustments to SFX volume and balance.
  • Updated some font choices to better-match Chinese/Japanese characters in spots where we use Latin characters.


  • Fixed bug where when phase lemon trees in the ruins were watered, they would get overly excited and phase repeatedly.
  • Fixed bug where a ball of water could sometimes spawn in the docks after a player knockout. But who was the water?!
  • Fixed bug where some slimes (and especially Hunter Largos) stayed happy and calm and were not becoming agitated, even under the most extreme circumstances.
  • Fixed bug where PS4 controllers on PC could not bring up the game menu.
  • Fixed bug where items washed up in docks sometimes stood up unnaturally straight. We fixed this because it was really creepy.
  • Fixed bug where puddle and fire slimes sometimes did not properly notice that they weren’t on their preferred surface.

This update should appear on Xbox One “within the next week,” according to Monomi.

There’s also a spot of good news for PlayStation 4 owners. Slime Rancher is still set for a physical release in September, but if you’re fine with just getting a digital PS4 copy, that’s due out August 21. Pre-orders for the upcoming port are live as of today and they come with a dynamic theme.

The Automatic Update is Now Available! – v1.3.0 [Monomi Park]

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