Slender Man trailer is slim on dialogue

Also about four years too late

Alright, film industry, you’re on the ropes, streaming services have got the upper hand right now. You need something new, exciting, and original to revitalize everyone’s love for you. You can do this. Show me what you got!

Oh okay, I guess a horror movie loosely based on an eight-year-old internet meme will do.

For those that don’t know, Slender Man was an internet meme before that term lost its meaning. It involved a creepy looking long-limbed faceless character that wore a suit and captured children. It peaked in popularity in 2012 and then again 2014 but has been steadily on the decline in popularity ever since.

From the looks of the trailer, Slender Man is going more for the mythological story of Slender Man, rather than the real world story surrounding the internet phenomena. The former to me is more generic and boring. The real world story happened in 2014 when two young girls held down and stabbed a classmate of theirs 19 times because they wanted to become proxies of Slender Man after reading about it online. There’s a better story to be told there about internet fandom and its effects on human psychology rather than another jump scare laden horror movie, but to each their own.

Outside of the first 10 seconds the trailer is almost completely devoid of discernible dialogue, so the studio seems to be playing off of the mystery of what would cause some high school student to stab themselves in the eye, or they expect the super hot Slender Man brand to bring everyone out in droves for its May 18, 2018 release date.

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