Sleep with Link and a few pieces of Triforce

There is an age in everyone’s life when the blanket reigns supreme. It keeps you safe, makes you comfortable, and can even double as a cape. When you get older a conversation about blankets is usually never a good thing. That is, unless it is a blanket modeled after one of the most recognizable videogame characters ever.

This Link to the Past blanket has to be one of the coolest things I could ever imagine wrapping myself up in at night. It’s a queen-sized sheet, composed of two-inch squares seamed together to create the pixilated Link. Unfortunately, it is not satin, but it’s not like this blanket is going to score many favorable looks from the opposite sex anyway. It also includes two complete Triforce pillows, which is probably the reason why Link looks so triumphant in the picture above. The guy doesn’t have anything to do for two games.

The blanket was on sale yesterday, but it has since closed. The seller over at Etsy is probably still willing to take orders if you’re interested. Or you could wait around for the next Zelda offering, considering that these blankets have a habit of popping up somewhat often.

If you’re just the observant type, tell me what you think of the blanket. Would you proudly present this? Is there another character you would prefer? I was thinking Mortal Kombat, but there’s never a second of my life when I don’t.

[Via wiifanboy]

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