Sleek PSP TV stands coming soon for Japan

The gadget fiend in me wants one of these shiny, colorful stands for my PSP, so I can prop it on a table and watch TV. Then I remember that I can go in the living room and watch anything I want on my 60 inch flat screen television, and they seem somehow less appealing than before. I hate how Japan has a knack for making useless things seem somehow essential.

Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of info just yet, but you can check out the pretty pics in the gallery and make cooing sounds if you like. I hate to categorize, but this just seems like a good gift for a girl. Maybe it’s the pink and white color schemed pic above that’s making me think so. In my mind I see a Harajuku princess tearing opening the wrapping and screeching, “KAWAII!!!”

[Via GameBrink, Thanks Jeromy!] 

Colette Bennett