Slash as a playable character in Guitar Hero III? Yeah, sure. Why not?

If I could’ve somehow figure out how to get this time machine to work, this story might have been different. It would be about a rock guitarist who, after a long night of drinking Jack Daniels and snorting cocaine out of a suicidal porn star’s butt crack, managed to come out of a coma long enough to record an epic solo for a forth coming double album.

These days, the best news I have about guitarist Saul “Slash” Hudson is that he’s going to be a playable character in Guitar Hero III. According to the most metal blog on this here metal planet, Metal Injection, Slash will become unlockable after facing him in a one-on-one guitar battle. 

So there you have it folks — the battle lines have been drawn: Guitar Hero III contains Slash as an avatar and Rock Band features singing, drumming, and guitar playing, along with customizable avatars. 

What game will you be playing this Fall? I think I’ll be playing both, thank you very much. 

[Thanks to my homeboy Joe Burling for the tip. Mad love, playa.]

Nick Chester