Slain! is an homage to a particular kind of gothic, gory classic

Altered Beast, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, et al

We are not wanting for loving pixel art in this nostalgia-fueled retro renaissance, but Slain!‘s Gothic horror manages to stand out the same way the sort of off kilter Altered Beast or Castlevania still do. Before “pixel art” became a bit of a catch-all aesthetic.

Fight things. Fight bigger things. Do puzzles. Avoid traps. Die repeatedly, horribly, with lots of pixelated blood and viscera. Sounds good.

Modest Kickstarter goal. Veteran (Naughty Dog, Rockstar) team. A year and a half of development finished with an estimated three months left, making for a May PC release. Sounds good.

The team is considering a PS4/Vita version of Slain! too, if there’s interest (Xbox One already confirmed), so please go yell loudly for that to happen after enjoying some fine, page-breaking gifs.

Slain [Kickstarter]

Steven Hansen