Slain: Back From Hell likely won’t make it to Wii U because of ‘weak sales on that platform’

The beginning of the end

Developers pulling out of the Wii at the tail end of its lifecycle and the Wii U during pretty much any point of its cycle is nothing new — they usually just end up going to PC or PS4 and all is well. But seeing it happen now, when the Wii U is basically a defunct console given that the Nintendo Switch is officially a thing and there’s very little left to be released, still stings.

Speaking on NeoGAF after showing off some new artwork for Slain 2 (yes, a sequel is in the works to the game that bombed at launch, then turned things around with a massive overhaul), developer Wolf Brew Games confirmed that even though they said a Wii U port was in the works to go along with the PS4 and Xbox One editions, that’s likely no longer the case. The developer cites that “sales on that platform are just too weak to justify the port,” but leaves some wriggle room that they may one day be convinced.

It’s a shame to see Metroid and Castlevania inspired games not on a Nintendo system, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Slain [NeoGAF]

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