Slain: Back from Hell is coming soon to PS4

Xbox One and PS Vita to follow

In many ways, Slain was a disappointing game at launch, but in the months since, the developers have put out enough gameplay-altering updates and fixes to warrant a relaunch. The new version, Slain: Back from Hell, is substantially better. It has gone from a disaster to a pretty-damn-good 2D hack-and-slash game in the vein of something you might’ve played in the late ’80s or early ’90s.

But that’s the PC version. What about those console ports? I know some of you have been wondering.

Publisher Digerati has settled on some release dates. Slain: Back from Hell will arrive first on PlayStation 4 (September 13), followed by Xbox One (October 5), and then PlayStation Vita (this fall). Considering how the original launch of Slain went down, a staggered schedule is probably for the best.

Jordan Devore
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