Skyrim Workshop hits 2 million mod downloads in a week

The Skyrim love never ends. It was already one of the biggest titles of 2011, but it shows no signs of stopping this year. Just last week Skyrim took home top honors at the Annual Interactive Achievement Awards. We recently heard that the average playtime for each player comes in at about 75 hours — I don’t ever want to hear you as*holes bitching about the length of JRPGs again! Get this: The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions outsold all other system exclusives last year. Data shows that the PC version of Skyrim outsold all other PC games by a factor of over three to one during launch month, and it still stands as the fastest selling title in Steam’s history. People love this game.

It seems that people also love the new Creation Kit and Skyrim Workshop. Bethesda says that within a week of the release of the PC mod making tool and accompanying download center, 2,500 mods have been published, and more than 2 million mods have been downloaded. The best part? All of that is free. 

What mods are you digging? Want monocles on mudcrabs? Don’t tell me you like the one that lets you kill kids.




Dale North