Skyrim: The Dragonborn Comes cover will claim your heart

One of my favorite aspects of games is their ability to inspire an audience. No matter what form that inspiration takes, the fact that so much positive energy has its genesis in games is something to truly behold. Oftentimes a person’s love for a given piece of work combined with skill and dedication can produce work that has the ability to rival an aspect of the source material that inspired the fan in the first place.  

Such is the case with this video featuring Mexican gamer/musician, Malukah’s Skyrim cover. The arrangement features bard song “The Dragonborn Comes” and main theme “Sons of Skyrim.” It’s a piece really evokes the feeling of the game and I can’t help but close my eyes and get carried off to faraway lands by her angelic voice. If you’d like a copy so you can be whisked away to Skyrim’s snowy peaks even when you’re on the go, head over to Malukah’s site for a free version of the recording. Sure as hell beats listening to all those lousy bards.

The Dragonborn Comes – Skyrim Bard Song and Main Theme Female Cover‬ [YouTube]

Kyle MacGregor Burleson