Skyrim modder worked as Starfield artist

Not many are as skilled in the art of clutter.

Ice planet in Starfield.

Elianora, who also goes by Emmi Junkkari, is a prominent modder in the Skyrim community. They have created some of the most downloaded Fallout 4 and Skyrim mods that have even caught the attention of Todd Howard who has complimented the mods. Bethesda went beyond distant admiration, as Elianora has revealed that they worked as a lighting and clutter artist for Starfield.

As Elianora explains in her Twitter post, they had only been pretending to not know much about Starfield, and their surprise at the world’s detail was feigned, as they had actually helped place a lot of the clutter that you see around Starfield‘s world.

Mug in spacecraft in Starfield.
Screenshot by Destructoid.

Elianora’s experience with Bethesda’s worlds

Elianora’s work with Bethesda’s games has been extensive. An interview with the studio gives you a window into just how much content they have created for The Elder Scrolls 5 and Fallout 4. Through working with Bethesda’s Creation Club, they have also interacted with some of the devs, which Elianora describes as an incredible experience. The creator has also posted an image of a Starfield tattoo they’ve gotten.

It’s difficult to overstate just how popular Elianora’s mods are in the community. Their Fallout 4 armor compendium has over 3 million downloads, and their Skyrim mods have also been downloaded millions of times.

Though clutter may seem like a minor factor in a game as large as Starfield, it actually plays a large role crafting the game’s atmosphere. Clutter and a feeling of environments being “lived-in” is an important aspect of the NASA punk aesthetic developers worked hard to create to ensure the futuristic world still feels relatable.

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