Skylanders SuperChargers for iOS is basically the same as consoles, and that’s crazy

You still need an iOS Portal

It’s crazy how far mobile gaming has come in just a few short years. I still remember the wild west of mobile development with my iPod Touch, and how gems were plentiful enough, but mostly ancillary or retro experiences. Now, they’re replicating full-on console games, as is the case with Skylanders SuperChargers for iOS.

Although the game launched back in September on consoles, it just hitting the mobile platform as of a few weeks ago. I just had a chance to try it out for myself on an iPad 2, and I have to say, it’s remarkable how little Activision had to compromise. Priced at the same rate as the original, this mobile-centric pack comes with a controller, Bluetooth Portal, two figures, and a vehicle.

The game is technically a free download and can be played with microtransactions, but I don’t recommend doing that. Instead, linking up the Portal with the mobile version will “unlock” it for free, which allows you to use any existing toy on its base. Also, just like its console kin, you can complete the entire game with just the starter kit.

During my tests, I noticed very little in the way of performance drops. Sure it looks a tad less like the Xbox One and PS4 editions and more like the previous-generation, and the framerate does dip a bit (but never too much or too often), but it’s still quite impressive, and the controller is just as responsive as any other device.

If you happen to have an itch for SuperChargers at some point down the line and are looking for the cheapest option, don’t count out the iOS version.

Chris Carter
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