Skybound will finish Telltale’s Walking Dead series in March

At least we’re getting an end

It’s great that the whole final season of Walking Dead Telltale mess got sorted out given that the story that had started all the way back in 2012 now has a chance to conclude.

While “The Final Season” hasn’t been meeting expectations at the very least we’re getting something that closes out Clementine’s tale, and now thanks to publisher Skybound Games (who took over for Telltale) and the in-game menu, we know that the final episode is arriving on March 26, 2019. For reference the penultimate episode just dropped this week, and the ‘sode before that arrived in September amid all of the Telltale problems.

Six years, really? It’s crazy to think how long it’s been, and how we’ve had multiple spinoffs for just this Walking Dead subseries.

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