Sky: Children of the Light is getting a PlayStation port


Looking to the skies to save me

thatgamecompany’s dramatic and evocative adventure Sky: Children of the Light is now getting set to enchant a whole new community of players, following the news that a PlayStation port is currently in the works.

Originally released on mobile platforms back in 2019, with a Nintendo Switch port following in 2021, Sky: Children of the Light is a fantasy open-world adventure with a heavy emphasis on social connection and cooperative interaction. Players explore a large, abstract kingdom made up of multiple realms. Through engagement with other players and various spirits, the player evolves their flight ability, slowly allowing them to progress further and further beyond the borders of the hub world, “Home.”

Much like thatgamecompany’s award-winning titles Journey and Flower, Sky: Children of the Light eschews combat and heavy antagonism in favor of exploration, mystery, and puzzle-solving. A slant on cosmetic items allows players to trade the in-game currency, candles, for various customization items including emotes, accessories, and musical instruments. Sky is currently engaged in its 14th season, with thatgamecompany continuing to build upon the universe it has created with additional lore, characters, and activities.

In a brief statement, the developer expressed its excitement and desire to “extend the circle of light even further” with the new PlayStation port. Though no further details nor a release window were announced, it was noted that the port will feature full crossplay functionality with the Switch and mobile editions. Fans should keep a watchful eye on the official Sky social media channels for more info.

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