Skies of Arcadia characters pop up in Sega’s Senjo no Valkyuria

Holly balls, that’s Vyse! Anyone who reads my An RPG Draws Near series (it’s coming back, I swear) knows I have a major soft spot for Skies of Arcadia, as it was one of the first games I blathered on about in the column. Three cheers for Sega for poking that sweet place today with these screenshots of their PS3 title Senjo no Valkyuria (Valkyria Chronicles), in which both Skies characters Vyse and Aika make appearances.

There was a rumor last year that Sega may be working on a sequel to the sky conquering RPG, but there’s been no confirmation whatsoever on those suspicions. The announcement of a  next-gen sequel would literally have me throwing my windows open and screaming, so let’s hope the condo across the way doesn’t call the police if I am caught howling “PIRATES! PIRATES!”

[Via Kotaku — Thanks, Ron]

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