Ski Beatz really excited about ‘swing’ in Beaterator

Alright, so now I’m convinced that the hip-hop game is for me.

In this latest video leading up to tomorrow’s launch of Rockstar’s PlayStation Portable music-making title Beaterator, various hip-hop artists sit around and tell us how easy it is to use. We had a chance to play around with it at PAX this year, and it as easy to throw a beat together as they’re making it out to be. Fortunately, the software has layers of depth depending on your experience with similar software. I’m pretty sure Justin Timberlake is going to be tapping me to produce his next record instead of Timbaland. 

Also, producer Ski Beatz apparently discovers “swing” for the first time using the software.

Beaterator is out tomorrow, and is available on both UMD and as a download on the PlayStation Network.

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