Skate 3 demo coming to tempt you in two weeks

Did you know there was a booth for Skate 3 at PAX East? I didn’t, but with its looming May 11th release date, it was a pretty safe assumption that there would be. At this very special Skate 3 booth, much like many of the booths, they gave away swag.

Shocking, I realize, but it gets wilder. See, the swag that was being given away were Skate 3 stickers. “Oh, stickers,” you say. “Big f’ng deal.” Yeah, but you’ll change your tune in a second when I tell you that very valuable and totally exclusive information about the upcoming Skate 3 demo was found on these stickers.

Okay, fine. There were stickers at PAX that said a demo of Skate 3 would be coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 15th. I apologize. I was deliberately wasting your time.

Skate 3 demo on Xbox Live and PSN April 15 [Joystiq]

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