Skate 2 gets ‘Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Plaza’ downloadable content today

Electronic Arts has announced downloadable content for Skate 2 and, hey, it’s not just cheat codes or in-game pants they’re charging you for. 

Available today on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Marketplace will be “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Plaza” for $5.00 (or 400 MS Points for 360). The content feature Dyrdek’s skate plaza — which appeared in his MTV show, Rob & Big appears in his new show, Fantasy Factory — as well as the surrounding Los Angeles area. Also, it sounds like some kind of sleazy strip club that would have a neon sign so large and so high that you could see it from the highway. 

EA doesn’t specify the size of the area compared to what’s already available in Skate 2‘s New San Vanelona, so what you’re getting for your five bucks is a bit unclear. Looks like you’re just going to have to take a leap of faith with your cash, and then tell us if it’s worth it. Hey, has Rob Dyrdek ever done anything bad to you before?

Nick Chester