The Splatoon 3 Sizzle Season trailer is a good reminder that I don’t play this game enough

Sizzle Season

In California, Sizzle Season is more commonly known as “The State is on Fire” Season

I’m not sure what happened between me and Splatoon, but spare time to play the game seemed to evaporate for me once the series made the move to Nintendo Switch. I still adore everything about this series. I just have a tough time making space in my schedule for it. Hopefully, I can find a way to turn that around with the start of Sizzle Season. This morning, Nintendo dropped a fresh trailer for the game detailing everything players will experience in the new season, including a new gun modeled after the Super Scope.

Something tells me that Super Scope will get a lot more play than the actual one. As you saw in the trailer, a fan-style paintbrush is also being added to Splatoon 3 with the Sizzle Season as well as the wonderfully named Barnacle & Dime stage, rendered as one incredibly opulent mall. Kudos to the translators who decided the best way to connect with the kids today is to name the stage after a line of stores that haven’t been relevant for 30 years.

In addition to the new stage and weapons, the Sizzle Season will also introduce Jammin’ Salmon Junction for Salmon Run, new clothes, new cards, and new challenges like Too Many Trizookas.

That sounds like a pretty solid season if you ask me. While I still need to play through the story of Splatoon 2, I should probably dedicate at least some of my time each week to the multiplayer of Splatoon 3. If only so I don’t miss out on some sick-as-hell threads.

Sizzle Season starts in Splatoon 3 on June 1, 2023.

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