Six Days in Fallujah could still get a publisher

Six Days in Fallujah may get another publisher. Atomic Games head honcho Peter Tamte recently told Newsweek that the game has garnered some interest since being dropped by Konami as a result of phone calls and possibly more than one nasty electronic mail. (Whoops.)

“We have a lot of people who are interested in the project,” Tamte said “But I’ll feel better when we sign something and the checks start coming.”

It appears as though Atomic Games desperately needs those checks. In Tamte’s estimation, the studio needs around 20 million more dollars to finish the game. If they don’t receive that amount, he believes it could fold. Bummer.

We managed to see Six Days in Fallujah in action while Konami was parading it around and managing the criticism lobbed at it. It didn’t look like a terrible game. But it certainly wasn’t as evil as Konami allegedly came to believe it to be.

[via Eurogamer and Kotaku]

Brad BradNicholson