Siren: New Translation gets a new name, ventures outside of Japan

The new PS3 Siren game looks pants-crapping good, and this is one of the rare instances where I’ll refer to loss of bowel control as a compliment. For those of you hopefuls waiting to hear that this game will come to the US, your prayers have been recognized, if not yet answered — the game was confirmed for European release at Sony’s recent PlayStation day, and UK gamers can now download the trailer from their version of the PlayStation Store.

It also seems that Siren: New Translation is receiving a new title when in hits UK shores: Siren: Blood Curse. There’s no confirmation on a US release date yet, so we can’t say if this new title will carry over to the US if New Translation is released here, but the announcement of the UK release bodes well for survival horror-starved American gamers. For now, all we can do is rewatch the trailer and try to keep the drool off our own shirts.

[Via IGN — Thanks, Adam]

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