Sir, yes sir! New screenshots for Zoids Assault

I realize that military-based strategy role-playing games aren’t for everyone. Hell, normal strategy RPGs aren’t for everyone. But for those of us who do enjoy them, another title for the collection is like a Madden fan’s annual release — you’re going to pick them up every time.

I’m one of those that likes military-based SRPGs, and so Atlus’ upcoming Xbox 360 title Zoids Assualt looks to be right up my alley. You know the type, right? It’s the type of game where characters are named Whiskey Bravo 6 and missles and machine guns fire in the background… and then you plot out moves on a grid. It gives you the illusion of high-action!

In Zoids Assualt, you command huge “biomechanical” machines that resemble animals… with guns on their backs. Tigers, bison and even Ligers are included. You know, Zoids — the Takara Tomy’s line of creature robot toys. That’s where the designs come from.

The official Web page has plenty of details on the characters, story, and combat. And don’t miss the trailer on the media page, which ends with the tag line “What the hell just happened?”

Zoids Assault is set to release on September 9, 2008. Where are my SRPG people at?

Check out the screenshots and boxart in the gallery below.

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