Sink it and drink it: Folks are playing beer pong in Halo 5


Beer pong. It’s an innocent party game that is sometimes turned not-innocent by idiots with hyper-competitive tendencies and lack of perspective. It’s also the subject of many bad songs. Now, it’s in Halo 5 too.

Making use of Halo 5‘s Forge mode, user AFTM Reclaimer made beer pong based on a Grifball variant. You stand on one side and throw a ball at a triangle of cups that are far away. Sounds like beer pong to me. But, when you make one, you head over to a series of switches and activate whichever one corresponds to the cup that needs to be pulled. A little complicated but it gets the job done.

For anyone who’s interested, AFTM Reclaimer wrote a little bit on ForgeHub about what went into this game mode. Those who want to get straight to the partyin’ can download beer pong on Halo Waypoint.

It’s a good premise, but it’s not unprecedented. Beer pong has shown up in video games before, one of my personal ironic favorites being Beer Pong! Considering Kyle gave that a 1/10, Halo‘s take is almost undoubtedly better.

Beer Pong [ForgeHub]

Brett Makedonski
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