Singularity producer thinks demo is vital in packed market

Activision is aware that people don’t flock to fresh first-person shooter intellectual properties. An unfortunate truth and a problem for Singularity, a new IP (from Raven Software) set to debut in the fall. Activision has a plan, a pre-emptive attack. In an interview with Develop, the producer for the game said that a demo was a necessity. The idea being that a good demo would win fans in a saturated market.

“The shooter market is saturated, it’s tough to break in right now when there’s a lot of great, well-established franchises,” producer Kekoa Lee-Creel said. “We’re definitely on track to release a demo. That’s absolutely critical,” he continued. “It’s so hard to convey how a game feels, but I have confidence that once we can cross that threshold I think we’re good.”

If you’re not familiar with Singularity, check out these two trailers showing off the game’s gimmick device, the Time Manipulation Device. It’s a gadget that ages enemies and environmental stuff. Sounds a bit stale, but you’ll come around after watching it. We promise.

Brad BradNicholson