Singularity dated for June, some of you care

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Singularity, that other Activision-published first-person-shooter that everybody’s forgotten about, has been slated for a June release. The game was mentioned briefly in Activision’s latest financial call, where some has assumed it was given a May release date. Activision’s minister of propaganda, “One of Swords,” has stated that this isn’t the case. 

Singularity is an interesting new FPS from Raven Software that centers itself around a Half-Life 2 styled gravity gun gimmick. Plenty of sucking and blowing of debris is on the cards, as well as a suitable collection of freaky enemies. Should be a solid job, as are most of Raven’s games. Not expecting a revolution, but I think it’ll be a fun little FPS to keep us ticking over. 

Activision’s earnings call: The important stuff [One of Swords]

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