Sing the Rocket Riot theme song and win ten million!

Rocket Riot, which was released back in June, is one of those games you really shouldn’t miss if you have a soft spot for retro and like multiplayer titles. I was chatting with the fine people over at Codeglue when they came up with the idea of having a contest on Destructoid. In fact, my ears especially pricked up when they told me the grand prize was in fact ten million dollars. Zimbabwe dollars, that is.

The funny money aside, the grand prize winner will also take home Rocket Riot goods like t-shirts, posters, an 8-Bit tie from Thinkgeek, a custom avatar and a code for the game. We will also choose a second and third place winner, and those readers will also win the poster, game, t shirt and custom avatar. The contest begins today, is open to all countries, and will conclude next Tuesday, September 15th at midnight EST.

So how do you win? Easy: download the Rocket Riot theme song (here) which you hear in the video above, grab the lyrics here, and make your own version in any way you want. Whether you rap it, sing it, rewrite it into a poem or play the melody on a xylophone, make a video or an MP3 of it and put it in the comments below. You may also link to a page with the video or song on it if you have trouble embedding it in the comments. 

As always, if you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] Please do not mail your entries to me though, as my inbox is crazy enough as it is! Good luck everyone!

Colette Bennett