Sine Mora EX will feature a co-op mode and new challenges


While I didn’t sit down to actually try out Sine Mora EX, I did get a chance to chat with one of the developers at the THQ Nordic booth today. Since I am a big fan of the original, I was curious what changes were being made to designate this as “EX.” Turns out there is a pretty big surprise for fans of cooperative games.

The entire story mode will now be fully playable in co-op. You’ll also have access to new, exclusive challenges, a fixed aspect ratio (now supporting 16:9 instead of just 16:10) and an English voice-over option (the original only sported Hungarian). There is also going to be a “Normal” difficulty option added to the game so that lesser skilled players can experience the campaign mode.

My biggest surprise was that owners of the original version on PC will be given a free upgrade to the EX version. While that hasn’t been finalized, THQ Nordic did note that they previously gave out upgrades for Darksiders and Titan Quest, so there shouldn’t be any problem rewarding early adopters for their trust. We then made some jokes about Gearbox charging $50 for Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, even if we both really enjoyed that game.

As for when EX will be releasing, the date is still a tentative summer. I’ll definitely be looking out for this version, especially since I owned the original on PC. Hopefully this re-release gives the game a new chance to attract a bigger audience and lets the developers create a sequel.

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