Sin & Punishment 2 will be disc-based, also downloadable game in the future

At Nintendo’s media event last week, Nintendo surprised us all with the announcement of Treasure’s Sin & Punishment 2 for the Wii. Uncontrollable glee aside, S&P 2 looks pretty nice, but we were left to wonder how exactly the game was to be distributed. Recently, 1UP got a chance to visit Treasure’s offices and talk to the president of the studio, Masato Maegawa, who revealed that the title would be disc-based.

Apparently, Nintendo wants to keep the title behind its curtain for the time being, so no more details were revealed. Despite that disappointment, Maegawa indicated that Treasure would be doing a downloadable game in the future. What it is and what network(s) it will be released on is unknown.

I’m a fan of Treasure’s work, but I’m relieved that Sin & Punishment 2 will be a fully-featured game. Sometimes downloadable titles don’t quite have the level of polish I desire, but I suppose Treasure could stomp that notion whenever they decide to unveil their mystery downloadable game.

Brad BradNicholson