Sims 3 World Adventures out November 17

A couple of months back, we told you that EA was planning on releasing songs performed by real singers in Simlish, the language Sims speak in Sims games. The first song by Nelly Furtado, “Manos Al Aire”, is now out and it sounds satanic! Actually, it’s not that bad. It’s nice to listen to despite the fact that you can’t understand a damn thing. 

And speaking of The Sims, the first expansion pack, World Adventures, will be out on November 17. The new expansion will let your Sims explore different parts of the world such as Egypt, China, and France as you look for treasure. No price has been announced yet but you’ll get 1,000 SimPoints to use in The Sims 3 Store when you purchase the game.

What do you all think of the music video? 

Hamza Aziz