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Silly Tower Defense codes

Redeem Silly Tower Defense codes to get free tokens and EXP!

What makes Silly Tower Defense charming is its simple design and silliness. This game doesn’t take itself seriously, and you can tell by its units and enemies. It’s even more satisfying because of the rewards you get for surviving waves of mobs. 

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In this game, you get coins by exchanging tokens in the wishing well, and there is a way to get free tokens—just use Silly Tower Defense codes! Redeem all available codes to get this precious resource, as well as other freebies, including EXP. Make sure to hurry up and grab them before they expire! On the other hand, if you want to defend your base with anime heroes, check out the list of Ultimate Tower Defense codes and grab a bunch of free goodies in that game as well!

All Silly Tower Defense codes list

Active Silly Tower Defense codes

  • FiveSillyThousands—Redeem for 5 Well Tokens (New)
  • sillydevastation—Redeem for 166 Coins (New)
  • TheHardModeIsReal—Redeem for 290 EXP
  • oneandahalfsillyguys—Redeem for 5 Well Tokens 
  • SillyStasis—Redeem for 3 Well Tokens
  • HalfASilly—Redeem for 125 EXP
  • Sillyempire—Redeem for 150 EXP
  • OneandaHalfSillikes—Redeem for 3 Well Tokens

Expired Silly Tower Defense codes

  • OneClap1kClapMembersClap
  • Another350Milestone
  • MongolianSilliness
  • 100sillikes
  • 1monthofsilliness
  • thirtysillyusers
  • counthekills
  • SillyLilypads
  • Silly60Record
  • 25Sillies
  • silly100people
  • 10thousandsillies
  • whopping20sillies
  • another350milestone

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How to redeem codes in Silly Tower Defense

To redeem Silly Tower Defense codes, use our tutorial below:

How to redeem codes in Silly Tower Defense.
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  1. Open Silly Tower Defense in Roblox.
  2. Click the Menu button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Go into Settings.
  4. Enter a code into the text field.
  5. Click Redeem and grab your rewards.

How to get more Silly Tower Defense codes

Join the Silly Defense Discord community and the Silldev Roblox group to grab the newest Silly Tower Defense codes. If you’re hunting for codes on your own, be mindful that you’ll have to scroll through a lot of comments and messages to find them. Our article is your best bet to get codes in the most convenient way because all you need to do is save it and come back now and then to check for new drops.

Why are my Silly Tower Defense codes not working?

Avoid misspelling Silly Tower Defense codes because you won’t receive your gifts otherwise. To enter codes without worrying about typos, you should copy the one you want to use and paste it directly into the text box. Keep in mind that most codes expire with time, which means that you might run into an expired code here and there. If that’s the case, reach out to us, and we’ll investigate. 

Other ways to get free rewards in Silly Tower Defense

Don’t feel bad if you’ve used up all current Silly Tower Defense codes because there are more rewards in-game. Join the server every day to obtain daily rewards like cash and EXP. Additionally, become a member of the Roblox group (linked above) and get a 50 Cash bonus

What is Silly Tower Defense?

As the name states, Silly Tower Defense is a tower defense Roblox game where you have to use your Silly Troops to stop enemies from reaching your base and save Silly Reality. The game currently has a survival mode and a hard mode with six different map designs. You’ll get cash for surviving each wave, which you can later exchange for more hilarious units.

If you’re looking to snatch more freebies, browse through the rest of our Roblox Codes section to find rewards for all your favorite titles.

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