Silhouette bringing motion control to arcades

We’ve been chatting to Softkinetic Studios’ Mike Nichols about the future of motion control. He should know all about it, because he was a producer for what we now know as Project Natal. His current studio is working on its own gesture-based gaming experiences, including this interesting new rhythm game, Silhouette

Billed as “DDR evolved”, this control-free rhythm game works in the same was as Human Tetris on those sadistic Japanese game shows, only on a slightly less humiliating level. Players make shapes with their bodies to match the on-screen prompts. Michael Jackson’s Thriller is in it, and yes, you have to do all the silly dancing. 

The game will be coming to PC, console and arcade, and has the honor of being the first completely hands-free motion game to hit the arcade scene. Looks like exactly the kind of thing that would be a hit in Japan, that’s for damn sure. We’ll be having all sorts of interesting comments from Mike Nichols throughout the week, so keep an eye on Destructoid for that!

Jim Sterling