Silent Hill vocalist working with Suda, Mikami, Yamaoka

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn was the vocalist for composer Akira Yamaoka for his songs for the Silent Hill series. And what an amazing pair they were. It seems the pair are working together again, but it’s not on the new Silent Hill 8.

If you haven’t heard, Yamaoka has signed on with Grasshopper Manufacture. It turns out that he recorded two new songs for Grasshopper’s new EA Partners project, which is being created by Suda 51 and Shinji Mikami. A rep at the company says that the songs will be used that the most climactic moments of this new game.

Joystiq passes along a tease from this Grasshopper rep: “I’ve heard bits of the unfinished versions, and all I can say is that Akira and Mary Elizabeth are an amazing combination. I’m sure fans are going to enjoy it.”

We still don’t know much about this game, but at least we now know that the music is in really good hands.


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