Silent Hill tribute album ‘Silence’ brings the creeps

It’s a simple fact: say the words “Silent Hill” and I froth at the mouth like a rabid dog. It’s been this way since the first game in the series sunk its claws into my psyche, and I suspect unless the series goes the way of the Dodo I’ll always be this way. Naturally, I’m also interested in what other obsessed Silent Hill fans are into, so when I see one does a tribute album, I’m all about checking it out.

Dtoid cblogger Danflor let us know about a new release called “Silence“, a thirty minute album composed by a Canadian fan named Renard. You can hear the entire thing for free on his YouTube page, and I can confirm after a listen that not only would Akira Yamaoka be proud, but this is scary as all hell. Danflor says it’s his tribute to the original Silent Hill, a sentiment I can totally get behind. If you want to own it, you can download it for $5 here. Wicked!

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