Silent Hill Transmission YouTube page seemingly leaks new titles

silent hill transmission spoilers leaks remake ascension

The fog is lifting…

Later today, Konami will take to the digital stage for a special presentation focusing on future releases in the MIA horror series, Silent Hill — Bafflingly, however, the YouTube channel prepped for this afternoon’s “Silent Hill Transmission” already contains code seemingly identifying several as-yet-unannounced entries.

Possible spoilers — direct from the developer itself, mind — follow.

Firstly, the YouTube channel description blurb includes a placeholder for “Silent Hill 2″ on the PlayStation Store, suggesting a pre-order link for a potential remaster/remake. In addition, digging into the site’s address bar and embed code has lifted the lid on an array of mysterious terms, all of which may or may not relate to one, or numerous, new entries. You wait years for a new Silent Hill etc… etc…

Among the titles discovered in the embed code are “Silent Hill”, “Silent Hill 2”, “Silent Hill F”, and “Silent Hill: Ascension”. At a guess, this would suggest that Konami’s stream may include the reveal of a brand new entry — Silent Hill: Ascension — as well as the announcement of the aforementioned remake/remaster of Silent Hill 2. The 2001 release is very much a fan-favorite in the series’ spooky canon of releases and, as such, a prime candidate to make a grand return on modern platforms.

As for the identity of “Silent Hill F”, this could just be a mere placeholder. I’m willing to bet that it stands for “Silent Hill: Frogger” — a sure thing given that Konami also owns that classic, road-crossing IP.

The truth will out this evening, when Konami finally takes to the airwaves for its Silent Hill Transmission stream. You can check out the news for yourself at 14:00 PT / 17:00 ET / 22:00 BST, and we’ll be sure to bring you up to spend on all the gory details right here on Destructoid… Just try to look surprised, ok?

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