Silent Hill: Origins demo leaked, Climax says they’re not the origin

An internal demo of the upcoming Silent Hill: Origins title for PSP has been leaked and is currently being downloaded from several torrent sites.

UK developer Climax makes it clear that the demo leak did not originate from there.

“All I can say is that code did not leak from Climax – 100 per cent guaranteed,” said Climax CEO Karl Jeffery. “The code that is out there is fingerprinted and was supplied solely to Konami for marketing purposes.”

Are they blaming Konami for the leak? Regardless of who is to blame, Climax seems to be going out of their way to make it clear that the leak did not come from their studio.

“At Climax we have strong and proven security procedures that protect all of our code, assets and builds,” added Jeffery. “We have developed over 100 titles in 20 years in business and have never had a leak or theft from inside the company.”

[Via GamesIndustry

Dale North