Silent Hill now on PSN … in Europe

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The BBFC spilled the beans early, but Konami’s psychological survival horror Silent Hill is now available to European PSN accounts. For we filthy Capitalismos stuck in America, we could theoretically make a Euro account and buy it that way, but it will cost us expensive pound coins. Still, it might not cost that much considering the UK economy has collapsed quicker than a baby’s skull in Croydon. 

Oh, and obtaining an EU credit card is probably more work than it’s worth. I already have one though, since I am the don. 

The PSOne Classics page is easily my favorite part of the PlayStation Store, since I’m a whore for nostalgia. I just wish the US PSN would do more with it. Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, Abe’s Oddyssey and anything from Square Enix are all noticeably absent. Please fix that, Sony. Fix it or I’ll be forced to write mean things about you on a blog. 

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