Silent Hill: Homecoming screens: I wish I was excited

I will forever be grateful to Konami that Silent Hill 2 exists. It is, to me, one of the most stunning experiences of all time — a dark and depressing game about introspection, obsession and guilt that I don’t thing we’ve quite seen in a videogame before or since.

However, it is that very same gratitude that upsets me with each successive Silent Hill chapter. SH3 was decent, and The Room had some inspired moments, but Konami has never recaptured my imagination. Perhaps SH2‘s atmosphere and scripting is just too unique to reproduce, or maybe I myself am too demanding. Either way, Silent Hill: Homecoming, stripped of the “5” in its title, has failed to excite me since its announcement, and that is something I find both incomprehensible and very dismaying. 

With that rant over, CVG has some new screenshots that still fail to excite, and look a little sub-par really. They resemble Alone in the Dark screens, and I think we can all agree that the last thing Homecoming needs to do is evoke those kinds of memories. 

Are any of our Silent Hill fans actually excited or is everyone as pessimissitic as I am? I am trying really hard to be excited, but I just can’t. Someone convince me I’m wrong.

James Stephanie Sterling