Silent Hill coming to PSN? BBFC seems to think so

The BBFC has rated the very first Silent Hill game for a new release, spilling the beans on an upcoming title as rating boards so often do. It seems that Silent Hill is gearing up for a PlayStation Network release of the PSOne game.

While the BBFC itself gave no word of a platform or release date, the prevailing attitude is that this is a PSN reissue. There is also no clue as to whether this will be the original, uncut version of Silent Hill, or the edited European version that replaced a number of elements in order to make the game less scary and, unfortunately, a bit silly. As of right now, we don’t know if Silent Hill will be heading to American PlayStation Stores. 

Hopefully Silent Hill will be made available to all, as there’s no reason why it shouldn’t, and hopefully this means I can get my hands on the game as God intended. I’ve only ever played the gimped European version, and it’d be great to play the game without the silly edits. So, Konami has already released Suikoden, it looks like Silent Hill is on it’s way, now all we need is Metal Gear Solid.

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