Silent Hill and Fatal Frame movies reportedly in the works


According to French film website Allocine, director Christophe Gans is currently working on two new movie adaptations: one based on Konami’s fog-fest Silent Hill and another focused on Japan’s ghoulish series Project Zero/Fatal Frame.

In a translation provided by Rely on Horror, Gans is said to be working with the producer of the Resident Evil films on the new Silent Hill movie, which will be “anchored in (the) atmosphere of a small American town, ravaged by puritanism.” Gans previously helmed the 2006 Silent Hill flick which, while no masterpiece, is still considered by some fans to be an atmospheric adaptation of the iconic survival horror series.

In regards to the Project Zero/Fatal Frame adaptation, (a movie that has been murmured about for many years now), Gans has little detail to offer, but does specifically note that he has no plans to uproot the story from its “Japanese haunted house” setting.

It seems clear from these comments that both projects are in their very early stages, if they’re to see the light of day at all. But Gans obviously has personal interest and investment in these titles, so it would be unsurprising if the twisted creatures of Silent Hill and Project Zero creep their way onto the big screen at some point in the future.

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Chris Moyse
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