Silent Hill 8 debut trailer

Here’s the debut trailer for Silent Hill 8 (working title), featuring the first solid details we’ve seen of this latest installment in the horror franchise. The trailer was shown during E3’s press conference but not properly released. Now you get a proper HD look at it.

It doesn’t look like an FPS as rumored, nor is it the anticipated remake of Silent Hill 2. Instead, it stars a convict who just so happens to be passing through everybody’s favorite semi-sentient ghost town when things go wrong. 

I’m a big Silent Hill fan (SH2 is my favorite game of all time), but I’ve been bitterly disappointed by Konami’s recent efforts so I’ll be reserving heaps of my judgment until I see more. I really hope it’s good, as this franchise was one of the very best in the business, and its fall from grace has been hard to witness. I do like that they might be returning to the ghost town aspect of Silent Hilll, rather than the “shit there seems to be a lot of people alive” town that has appeared more recently, but we’ll see. 

What about you? Hopeful? Have you given up on the series? What does this trailer make you feel?

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