Silent Hill 5 gameplay videos will calm your fears

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The folks at Gametrailers have posted a few gameplay videos of the upcoming Silent Hill 5, all of which are just long enough to just barely tease those who are desperately searching for more details.

The Collective (the developers that Konami chose to take over the series) said that they wanted to include the wall-melting transformation sequence from the recent Silent Hill theatrical release, and judging from the above video, it looks like they nailed it. My only issue is with the siren noise, as it was more cute than scary; it sounded like something that would be mounted on a kid’s toy. Also, I wonder if the clip music is really from Akira Yamaoka’s score, as it sounds a bit tame.

Other videos include a very quick look at some gameplay (ooh, HD!), and a stair climbing sequence that goes nowhere. The more I see, the less I worry. Aside from looking a bit clean, Silent Hill 5 appears to be coming together to be a worthy addition to the series. 

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