Silent Hill 5 developers merge with secondary company to become Double Helix

While you may know of The Collective if you are a major Silent Hill fan (as they are developing Silent Hill 5,) you may not know of Shiny, the developers who worked on The Golden Compass’s multiplatform release. Of course, it no longer matters which you know or don’t, since it was announced last October that the two developers would merge into one. Foundation 9 (parent of both companies) has now named the new organization, which will go under the name Double Helix.

What’s the industry word? Here’s a snippet:

The publisher says the new merged studio “has combined the existing studios’ proprietary technologies, production best practices and talented teams into a single entity that is now able to build upon its previous experience to gain new heights in quality and efficiency.”

Hmmmm. That sounds good, of course, because it’s a polished phrase meant to be read by others. What I wonder is if this has any effect on the games in development. Yes, if you know my tastes you can see through me like a sheet of plastic — I’m worried about the welfare of Silent Hill 5. Likely it will be unaffected, but the title has already earned skepticism from fans of the series due to being in the hands of a new developer. As long as I get to bludgeon undead things in the end, I’ll be happy.

[Via Gamasutra — Thanks Justin]

Colette Bennett