Significant WipEout HD update hits tomorrow

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Looks like I might have to re-install WipEout HD on my PlayStation 3! Sony has announced that it will be pushing out an update (V1.30) for the anti-gravity racer tomorrow, complete with some sexy new features. 

What’s new? A new online ranking system.  A new podium screen you’ll see after you win (or lose) a race, along with up to 33 badges you can win and display online. You can now send out game invites. (Uh… long overdue much?) There’s also a new spectator mode, which will allow you to sit back and watch a race in progress; you might want to do that, because WipEout HD is one spectacular-looking game.

There’s also been some new options added, which you can check out after the jump. So, can we add WipeEout HD into the Friday Night Fights roster?

[Via PlayStation Blog

Additional options:

  • HUD Weapon Hints on/off.
  • Opponents – Choose to create a Public, Friends-only or Invite-only game.
  • Barrel Rolls on/off
  • Pilot Assist Allowed on/off
  • Number of laps (max 20)


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