Sifu gets some new gameplay modifiers in an update this month


Fight for a new high score

Sloclap’s Sifu is already a fairly challenging game to conquer. But for those who want even more of a mountain to climb, a Sifu update is adding some new modifiers and a scoring system later this month to really up the bar.

The summer update for Sifu goes live on August 31, and adds several new features. Gameplay modifiers are a big one, letting those who have already mastered the motions in Sifu impose even more challenge.

Sifu‘s new modifiers can change a number of things. Maybe it takes away guarding, or reduces your main character to a single hit point. Or maybe it makes things a bit easier, letting the player ignore enemies’ guard or stopping them from picking up weapons.

Two examples were shown off in today’s trailer. One is a “hardcore run,” where enemies are stronger, the player has only one health, and they cannot guard or use the pendant. The “fun run,” meanwhile, imposes “bullet time” and low gravity, along with weaker enemies and a gold weapon.

Setting the pace

A new scoring system also arrives as part of the summer update, with mechanics that will analyze all the moves you do for smoothness, efficiency, and variety. This will also be tracked level-over-level, so you can see your current high score in an area and whether you broke it.

Lastly, there are some special outfits for Sifu players who want some extra style. The Enforcer armor will be available for anyone with the Deluxe Edition, giving the protagonist some tactical armor.

The Master Hand, meanwhile, will be available for all Sifu players. This slick trench coat and hat ensemble has one goal in mind: don’t get hit. An enemy’s strike knocks the hat off your head. And you can’t go about your quest for vengeance without your stylish hat.

Sifu was already pretty tough (in a rewarding way) when I played it earlier this year, so the thought of adding more challenge is daunting. But some of the fun modifiers do sound like a good time.

Those who have a copy of Sifu will be able to check it all out when the update goes live on August 31.

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