Sierra announces Rebellion developed Alien/Predator PSP title

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Remember back in 1999 when games that had the words “Alien” and “Predator” in the title were good? The PC first-person shooter, Alien Versus Predator, certainly wasn’t game of the year, but it was a solid title that contain two of the hottest properties of the day — Aliens and Predators. Well, the team behind that title, Rebellion, are back on the Alien/Predator scene with a brand PSP exclusive title.

The game, based on the upcoming Alien/Predator film set to hit theaters this Christmas, has players taking on the role of the Predator. As such, you’re tasked with hunting down and mangling Aliens, because well, the last time the Predator hunted humans (200? Predator), gamers collectively threw up all over themselves in disgust.

In this third-person shooter, players will have access to exotic predator weaponry and equipment, and what used to be advanced tech (Pred-tech/thermal vision modes, for example, has been used an abused by everyone from Sam Fisher to what’s his face from that other game). The game also includes a co-op multiplayer mode, which can be played wirelessly with friends. And as if a Predator’s life wasn’t hard enough, an honor point system evaluates the player’s success based on how closely the adhere to the Predator’s value system (which is very close to the 10 Commandments, I hear).

Could this PSP title be a return to true, awesome Alien/Predator form? Perhaps, but I’ll leave you with this: The last PSP game Rebellion made was Miami Vice. That was good, right?

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